East Direction God of Wealth - Xiao Sheng (萧升)

In the Book, Feng Shen Bang, 封神榜 (The Investiture of the Gods):
The story stated that...

Xiao Sheng(萧升) was a carefree Taoist Hermit from Wu Yi Mountain (武夷山).

Together with his close buddy, Cao Bao(曹宝), they spent all their times playing chess and merrily discuss about Taoism.

On one occasion, both of them happened to bump into Zhao Gong Ming, who was pursuing after Burning Lamp (燃灯道人).

Xiao Sheng used his Weapon, Luo Bao Jing Qian( 落宝金钱) to got hold of Zao Gong Mings' 2 weapons, Fu Long Suo (缚龙索) and Sea Calming Pearls - Ting Hai Shen Zhu(定海神珠). Zhao Gong Ming had him killed with his Golden Whip instead.

During the Investiture of the Deities by Jiang Zi Ya( 姜子牙),

Xiao Sheng (萧升) was given the Title: God of Collecting Treasures (招宝天尊) and to assist Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) to distribute Wealth.

Take Note:
Nobody pray to Xiao Sheng (萧升)alone. You either pray to Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明)alone or You pray to Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) with his 4 Assistants together.
You will have to pray 5 Deities, which means You have to buy 5 Taoist Deities Statues.

To strike the Lottery, You can simply keep a GODS OF WEALTH OF ALL DIRECTION TALISMAN.