West Direction Chinese God of Wealth - Cao Bao (曹宝)

In the Book, Feng Shen Bang, 封神榜 (The Investiture of the Gods):
The story stated that...

Cao Bao(曹宝) was a carefree Taoist Hermit from Mount Wuyi (武夷山).

Together with his close buddy, Xiao Sheng (萧升), they spent all their time playing chess and merrily discuss about Taoism.

On one occasion, both of them happened to bump into Zhao Gong Ming, who was pursuing after Burning Lamp (燃灯道人).

Being busy-body, they got themselves involved in the Battle. Xiao Sheng was killed by Zhao Gong Ming. Cao Bao got pissed off that his buddy was killed and decided to leave the Mountain to fight against the Shang's Army.

He was later killed in one of the 10 Battles Formation - Blood-Curdling Battle Formation (红水阵) killed by Heavenly Master Wang Bian(王变).

During the Investiture of the Deities by Jiang Ji Ya,

Cao Bao was given the Title: God of Collecting Valuables - Na Zhen Tian Zun (纳珍天尊)

Take Note:
Nobody pray to Cao Bao(曹宝)alone. You either pray to Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明)alone or You pray to Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) with his 4 Assistants together.
You will have to pray to 5 Deities, which means You have to buy 5 Taoist Deities Statues.

To strike the Lottery, You can simply keep a GODS OF WEALTH OF ALL DIRECTION TALISMAN.