North Direction Chinese God of Wealth - Yao Shao Si(姚少司)

In the Book, Feng Shen Bang, 封神榜 (The Investiture of the Gods):
The story stated that...

Yao Shao Si(姚少司) was residing in Luo Fu Cave ,located at Er-Mei Moutain (峨眉山).

Together with Chen Jiu Gong(陈九公), both were disciples of Zhao Gong Ming.

It happened that Weng Cong (闻仲) came to seek support from Zhao Gong Ming for the Battle against the King Wu's Camp(周武王). Yao Shao Si followed them for the Battle.

During the battle, Zhao Gong Ming was being hexed by Black Magic, called "Nails On The Head, Seven Swords Book", Ding Tou Qi Jian Su (钉头七箭书) done by Jiang Zi Ya(姜子牙), taught by Taoist Priest Lu Ya (陆压道君).

To rescue their Master Zhao Gong Ming, Yao Shao Si and Chen Jiu Gong proceed to Zhou's Camp (周营) in order to destroy the ritual performed by Jiang ZiYa. However, they were caught up by Yang Jian(杨戬) and Ne-Za. Yao Shao Si was killed by Ne-Za.

During the Investiture of the Deities by Jiang Zi Ya( 姜子牙), Yao Shao Si was given the Title: God of Profitability, Li Shi Xian Guan (利市仙官).

His duty was to assist Zhao Gong Ming in the distribution of wealth and answer the prayers pertaining to wealth from the mortal folks.

Take Note:
Nobody pray to Yao Shao Si(姚少司)alone. You either pray to Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明)alone or You pray to Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) with his 4 Assistants together.
You will have to pray 5 Deities, which means You have to buy 5 Taoist Deities Statues.

To strike the Lottery, You can simply keep a GODS OF WEALTH OF ALL DIRECTION TALISMAN.