Common Chinese God Of Wealth - Cai Bo Xing Jun (财帛星君)

The image of Common Chinese God of Wealth - Cai Bo Xing Jun (财帛星君) is the most popular image of Chinese God of Wealth among the Chinese and all over the world.

Many people mistook Cai Bo Xing Jun (财帛星君) as Zhao Gong Ming(赵公明) or Bi Kan(比干) , which is WRONG.

The Full Name for Main Chinese God of Wealth is Li Gui Zu (李诡祖). He is also known as Cai Bo Xing Jun (财帛星君) , Zeng Fu Xiang Gong (增福相公), Zeng Fu Cai Shen  (增福财神), Fu Shan Ping Shi Gong (福善平施公).

Li Gui Zu (李诡祖) was born in Zi Chuan  District (淄川人) in Shandong Province on 17th of 9th Lunar Month.  During the reign of  Emperor Xiaowen of Northern Wei period, he was working as a country magistrate. He brought great benefit to the folks, such as dredging the rivers, control the salinity of water, often took out his own  salary to help the poor. He also had a frugal live. He was an honest and upright official well loved by the people. After he passed away, people in his community build a temple to worship him. His good deeds recorded in history text also led to further conferring of more Titles by future officials.

During the 2nd Year reign of Wu De Emperor of Tang Dynasty (619 A.D), Tang Gao Zong conferred Li Gui Zu the Title: God of Wealth  - Cai Bo Xing Jun (财帛星君).

During the reign of Emperor Ming Zong of Later Tang Dynasty (926 A.D), Li Gui Zu was conferred the Title: Gods Of Increasing Blessing - Shen Jun Zheng Fu Xiang Gong (神君增福相公).

During the Yuan Dynasty (1271 - 1368) , Li Gui Zu was conferred the Title: Fu Shan Ping Shi Gong (福善平施公)

Legend had it that he was a special envoy,Star Venus (太白金星), of  Great Jade Emperor being sent down to earth to help mankind. In heavenly realm, his responsibility is to take charge and control the wealth in Heaven and on also Human Realm (都天致富财帛星君).

So now, You have some basic knowledge about this Most Popular Chinese God of Wealth - Cai Bo Xing Jun (财帛星君).

The Celebration Day for Li Gui Zu (李诡祖) - Cai Bo Xing Jun(财帛星君) is on 22nd Day of 7th Lunar Month.

Cai Bo Xing Jun(财帛星君) is considered One of the Civil God Of Wealth , such as Bi Kan(比干) and Fan Li (范蠡).

Take Note:
I've not seen any Taoist Medium in trance of Cai Bo Xing Jun(财帛星君) before, so I've not seen anyone ask Lottery Numbers ( Pick 3/ Pick 4/ Loto/ 4D/Toto) directly from him. If You have been praying to Cai Bo Xing Jun(财帛星君) Statue or intend to buy Cai Bo Xing Jun(财帛星君), make sure Your Cai Bo Xing Jun(财帛星君) Statue is consecrated.

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