Not all Chinese Gods Of Wealth will give You Lottery ( 4D / Pick 3/ Pick 4 ) Numbers. You better know which gods to ask or pray to. They will give You Lottery Numbers to buy when You desperately need it or during their Celebration Day.
Chinese Deities that may give You 4D Numbers:
Dua Di Ya Peh (大二爷伯) | Ji Gong (济公) | Tua Peh Gong (大伯公) | Datong Gong (拿督公)

Central God Of Wealth - Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明)

In the Book, Feng Shen Bang, 封神榜 (The Investiture of the Gods):
The story stated that...

There was a war fought between  King Zhou(紂王) ,the last king of Shang Dynasty, also known as Di Xin(帝辛)  and King Wu(周武王), who later established the Zhou(周) Dynasty.

* Note that Zhou (紂) is a completely different character from the "Zhou" (周) used by the succeeding Zhou Dynasty.
King Zhou of Shang Dynasty, through General Wen Zhong( 闻仲), was able to engaged the help of Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) , a Taoist Hermit with magical power, who was a close friend to Gen. Wen Zhong.

King Wu, engaged the help of Jiang Zi Ya( 姜子牙), an  astute political thinker and military strategist.

Even though King Zhou of Shang Dynasty was a cruel corrupt despot, Zhao Gong  Ming still steadfastly support the declining Shang Dynasty because he was loyal to his friend, Wen Zhong.

During the battle, magical weapons were used and supernatural powers were applied. Many deities, ghosts , demons were also involved in the battle.

Jiang Zi Ya realized the magical power of Zhao Gong Ming were too strong for him to win over, therefore he had to fight with him indirectly.

Taoist Master by the name of  Lu Ya(陆压道君) taught Taoist Sorcery to Jiang Zi Ya in order to kill Zhao Gong Ming with Black Magic.

Jiang Ji Ya made an effigy of Zhao Gong Ming and started the ritual.  Zhao Gong Ming eventually died.

The war continued...

Fast forward,
The war was over soon and the Shang Dynasty came to an end.

Yuan Shi Tian Zhun , 元始天尊 ( The Celestial Venerable of the Primordial Beginning or the Primeval Lord of Heaven) ordered Jiang Zi Ya to canonize the deities.

Jiang Jiya began the deification process of the dead.
Due to his Valour, Zhao Gong Ming was given the Role: True Lord of the Golden Dragon of  Wish-Fulfillment and the Dragon Tiger Altar of Orthodox Unity (金龙如意正一龙虎玄坛真君) or in short was called Zheng Yi Xuan Tan Zhen Jun(正一玄壇真君).

Zhao Gong Ming had 4 Assistants:
1) God of Attracting Wealth - Chen Jiu Gong (招财使者 - 陈九公)
2) God of Collecting Treasures - Xiao Sheng (招宝天尊 - 萧升)
3) God of Collecting Valuables - Cao Bao (纳珍天尊 - 曹宝)
4) God of Profitability - Yao Shao Si (利市仙官 - 姚少司)

These four deities were the ones given the duties on giving blessings and fortune to the Human Folks. Thus, Zhao Gong Ming was then known as the the Leading God Of Wealth by the human folks.

With these 5 deities together, they are known as The 5 Directions Of Chinese Gods Of Wealth (五路财神).

There are different legends of "Gods Of 5 Directions" or "Gods of 5 Roads" from different dialect groups within the Chinese Communities.

However, the Yearly Celebration for different legends of "Gods of 5 Directions" and praying for Prosperity and Good Luck is on the same day, which is on 5th Day of 1st Lunar Month.

The Celebration Day for Central God Of Wealth - Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) will be 15th of 3rd Lunar Month.

Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) possessed a Taoist Medium in the Temple

Take Note:
1) For Singaporeans / Malaysians / Indonesians/ Asian Countries:
Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) do possess the Taoist Medium (Tanki) during Consultation Service in Temple. Approach him if You have important issue to seek help and not to look for him just for Lottery Numbers. During his Celebration Day, he may gives out Potential Winning Lottery  Numbers. Just hang around the Temple or Make-Shift Temple during his Celebration Day and You may get to see the Lottery Numbers written on Joss-Papers.

2) For Folks in Western Countries:
Taoist-Medium Consultation is totally unseen or unheard of.  Zhao Gong Ming (赵公明) is not a common Taoist/Chinese Deity to the Taoist Folks in Western Countries.

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