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Civil God of Wealth - Bi Gan (比干)

Bi Gan (比干) - a prominent historical figure of the Shang dynasty, son of Wen Ding (文丁), Zi (子) lineage, thus member of the royal house and uncle of the last Shang king, Zhou Xin (紂王).

From the Book "Investiture of the Gods"
Bi Gan loses his heart
From the prophecy revealed by the oracle bones, Jiang Zi Ya( 姜子牙)(Prime minister for King Wen of Zhou)  predicted that King Zhou's loyal and benevolent courtier, Bi Gan, will die soon. He gave a charm to Bi Gan. One night, during a banquet hosted by King Zhou, several "immortals" appear and the king was delighted to see them. The "immortals" are actually Da Ji's (妲己)(A favorite concubine of King Zhou of Shang)  fellow fox spirits in disguise, and Bi Gan, who is also present at the banquet, senses something amiss. Bi Gan's suspicions are confirmed when the fox spirits reveal their tails unknowingly after consuming too much wine. Bi Gan gathers a group of soldiers and they track the fox spirits back to their den and kill all of them. Bi Gan uses the foxes' hides to make a cloak and presents it to King Zhou. Da Ji became  horrified and saddened when she sees the cloak, and she secretly plots vengeance on Bi Gan.

Not long later, Daji tells King Zhou that she has a heart attack and only a "delicate seven-aperture heart" (七巧玲瓏心) can relieve her agony. No one in the palace has that type of heart except Bi Gan, who is revered as a saint. Bi Gan swallows the charm given by Jiang Ziya, grabs his heart, pulls it out of his body and presents it to King Zhou. Bi Gan does not die immediately nor sheds a single drop of blood. Instead, he walks out of the palace and follows Jiang Ziya's instructions to go straight home without looking back.

When he is only a few steps away from home, a female huckster yells from behind, "Hey! Cheap cabbages without stems (hearts)!" (The "heart" rhetorically refers to the stem of the plant). Bi Gan turns around asks the huckster in curiosity, "How can there be cabbages without stems?" The woman puts on an evil grin and replies, "You're right, sir. Cabbages cannot live without stems just as men cannot live without hearts." Bi Gan shouts, falls and dies. The huckster is actually the jade Pipa spirit in disguise.

From the Historical Record..
This is how he died.
Notorious for his corruptness, the king was annoyed by Bi Gan's advice to rectify his ways. Da Ji suggested to King Zhou of Shang  that to verify an ancient saying "a good man's heart has seven apertures" Bi Gan should had his heart dug out for further scrutiny. Bi Gan was eventually executed through extraction of his heart(比干剖心).

In th Book " Investiture of the Gods"
When Jiang Zi Ya canonized the gods, Bi Gan was awarded as "Star of Wen Qu"(文曲星君).

How He is Worship as God Of Wealth..
Since Bi Gan was selfless and impartial, he had no heart on his own, people worshiped him as Civil God of Wealth.

Take Note:
I've not seen any Taoist Medium in trance of  Bi Gan (比干) Deity.  Bi Gan (比干) is mainly worshiped by the Chinese with Surname: Lin (林) all over the world.

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