Not all Chinese Gods Of Wealth will give You Lottery ( 4D / Pick 3/ Pick 4 ) Numbers. You better know which gods to ask or pray to. They will give You Lottery Numbers to buy when You desperately need it or during their Celebration Day.
Chinese Deities that may give You 4D Numbers:
Dua Di Ya Peh (大二爷伯) | Ji Gong (济公) | Tua Peh Gong (大伯公) | Datong Gong (拿督公)

Earth God Of Wealth - Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)

Tu Di Gong(土地公) , also known as Da Po Gong (大伯公) or Tua Pek Gong in Hokkiens and Teochews, is a Chinese earth god worshipped by Chinese. A formal name for Tu Di Gong is Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神), meaning the earth god of wealth and merit.

In China, every village had a shrine to Tu Di Gong. It was this deity who was in charge of administering the affairs of a particular village. In traditional times, village concerns were primarily agricultural or weather-related. This god was a modest heavenly bureaucrat to whom individual villagers could turn in  during times of drought or famine.

Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) is considered a Rank and Title and not one particular God. They were mortals on Earth in the past and after passing-on, according to their merits, they are  being bestowed as the Earth Deities. They have limited area of governing.

Today, the images of Tu Di Gong (土地公) or Da Po Gong (大伯公) can be found on the altar  at the main hall in most Chinese Homes or the altar is placed below next to the main door of the house or shop houses.

When the image or statue is  placed on the main hall altar, it is known as Da Po Gong (大伯公).  When it is placed near the ground or the altar is set on the ground, it is known as Tu Di Gong (土地公).

In the countryside, he is sometimes given a wife, Tǔ Dì Pó (土地婆, Earth Grandmother), placed next to him on the altar. 

Tu Di Gong is portrayed as an elderly man with a long white beard, a black or gold hat and a red or yellow robe, which signifies his position as a bureaucrat. He carries a wooden staff in his right hand and a golden ingot on the left. Many worships make prayers to him for wealth and their well being.

When the Chinese left China and resettled in Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia, they brought the Fu De Zhen Shen worshiping culture with them. When they settled down, they realized the host country were Malays with different culture and customs, therefore the Spiritual Guardians will also need different dressing and customs. Thus,  they created new image of Malay Old Man wearing a Religious Hat and Malay Costume and Quran Verses painted and Banners hanged on the Altar. It is called - Datok Gong (拿督公) or Keramat Datok. 

Festivals dedicated to Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) typically take place on the second day of the second month and the 15th day of the eighth month on the Chinese lunar calendar.

Take Note:
1) For Singaporeans / Malaysians / Indonesians/ Asian Countries:
Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) do possess the Taoist Medium during Consultation Service in Temple. Approach him if You have important issue to seek help and not to look for him for Lottery Numbers. During his Celebration Day, he may give out Potential Winning Lottery  Numbers and he is very good at it if he wants you to strike. Just hang around the Temple or Make-Shift Temple during his Celebration Day and You may get to see the Lottery Numbers written on Joss-Papers.

2) For Folks in Western Countries:
Taoist-Medium Consultation is totally unseen or unheard of in Western Countries.  You may not heard of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) Deity.

Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) Statue is good to be worshiped at Home. Make sure the Statue is consecrated. You may seek Lottery Numbers  every time and anytime while facing his Statue but not during the time when he possessed the Taoist Medium to give consultation to people with more important issues.

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