Not all Chinese Gods Of Wealth will give You Lottery ( 4D / Pick 3/ Pick 4 ) Numbers. You better know which gods to ask or pray to. They will give You Lottery Numbers to buy when You desperately need it or during their Celebration Day.
Chinese Deities that may give You 4D Numbers:
Dua Di Ya Peh (大二爷伯) | Ji Gong (济公) | Tua Peh Gong (大伯公) | Datong Gong (拿督公)

Child God Of Wealth - Shan Chai Tong Zi (善財童子)

Sudhanakumara (善財童子), mainly known as Sudhana, translated as Child Of Wealth. It was said that when Sudhana was born, many rare treasures suddenly appeared in his parent’s home.

* Please be aware that Sudhanakumara - Shan Cai Tong Zi(善財童子) IS NOT Ne-Zha (哪吒三太子). Shan Cai Tong Zi(善財童子) and Ne-Zha(哪吒三太子) are both little boys , many people thought both names refer to the same Little Boy Deity.

He is the main protagonist in the next-to-last and longest chapter of the Avatamsaka Sutra. Sudhana was a youth from India who was seeking enlightenment. At the behest of Manjusri, Sudhana takes a pilgrimage on his quest for enlightenment and studies under fifty-three great teachers, who direct one towards the Way to Enlightenment.

Sudhana appears in Buddhist, Taoist and folk stories; in most of them he is one of the acolytes of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara (Guan Yin) and is paired with Long Nü - Little Dragon Girl(小龙女).

A fictionalized account of Sudhana is detailed in the classical novel Journey to the West, where Sudhana is portrayed as the villainous Red Boy(红孩儿). Red Boy was the son of Princess Iron Fan and the Bull Demon King, a former sworn brother of Sun Wukong - The Monkey King, prior to his 500-year imprisonment by the Buddha. As an exchange for punishment after kidnapping Xuanzang and Zhu Bajie, as well as usurping the lotus throne of Guanyin in irreverence, he became a Buddhist disciple.

Tale of the Southern Seas
Chapter 18 of the Complete Tale of Guan Yin and the Southern Seas (南海觀音全撰), a sixteenth century Ming Dynasty novel, is the first text that connects Shan Cai as being an acolyte of Guan Yin. Here Shan Cai was a disabled boy from India who was very interested in studying the Buddhist teachings and Guan Yin had just achieved enlightenment and retired to Putuoshan. When he heard that there was a Bodhisattva on the rocky island of Putuo he quickly journeyed there to learn despite his disability.

Guan Yin, after having a discussion with Shan Cai, decided to test his resolve to fully study the Buddhist teachings. She has the tree and plants turn into sword wielding pirates running up the hill to attack them. Guan Yin took off and dashed to the edge of a cliff and jumped over with the pirates still in pursuit. Shan Cai, still wanting to save Guan Yin jumped after her.

Shan Cai and Guan Yin managed to reascend the cliff at which point Guan Yin ask Shan Cai to look down. There Shan Cai saw his mortal remains at the foot of the cliff. Guan Yin now asked him to walk and Shan Cai found that he could walk normally and that he was no longer crippled. When he looked into a pool of water he also discovered that he now had a very handsome face. From that day forth Guan Yin taught Shan Cai the entire Buddha Dharma. Next Guan Yin and Shan Cai encounters the little daughter of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea and in the process Guan Yin earns Long Nu as a new acolyte.

Due to the fact that many treasures emerged automatically at the time of Sudhana's birth. Folks gathered that the boy must be good at managing money matters or good at making money, because "Sudhana" in Sanskrit and the Chinese translation, "Shancai," literally means "Good With Money" For this reason people worship Sudhana as a "God of Wealth."

Shan Chai Tong Zi (善財童子)Doing Prayer

Take Note:
1) For Singaporeans / Malaysians / Indonesians/ Asian Countries:
Sudhanakumara (善財童子) do possess the Taoist Medium during consultation service in Temple. He is fun to look at and play with. During his Celebration Day, he may give Lottery  Numbers but the Numbers will be drawn in Animal Cartoons and expect You to catch the hints and convert into numbers Yourself.

2) For Folks in Western Countries:
Taoist-Medium Consultation is totally unseen or unheard of in Western Countries.   You may  know of  Sudhanakumara (善財童子) from the Buddhist Texts.

Sudhanakumara (善財童子) Statue is good to be worshiped at Home if there are kids. He will protect the kids.  Make sure the Statue is consecrated. Usually Sudhanakumara (善財童子) is worshiped together with Guan Yin Pusa ( Chinese Version of Bodhisattva) and Little Dragon Girl ((小龙女).

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