Not all Chinese Gods Of Wealth will give You Lottery ( 4D / Pick 3/ Pick 4 ) Numbers. You better know which gods to ask or pray to. They will give You Lottery Numbers to buy when You desperately need it or during their Celebration Day.
Chinese Deities that may give You 4D Numbers:
Dua Di Ya Peh (大二爷伯) | Ji Gong (济公) | Tua Peh Gong (大伯公) | Datong Gong (拿督公)

The Teaching of Guan Sheng Di Jun (Guan Gong / Guan Di) (关圣帝君)

Guan Sheng Di Jun(关圣帝君) World-Awakening Prayer

Guan Sheng Di Jun(关圣帝君) said, "Man lives in the world. If he values loyalty, filial piety, honesty, and righteousness above all else, he will not fail in life. However, if he doesn't value loyalty, filial piety, honesty, and righteousness, although his body is alive, his heart is already dead. This is called stealing life.

Man's heart knows the gods and the gods know man's heart. If a man is not ashamed of himself, neither are the gods. If you lie to yourself, you cheat the gods. Therefore the good man is cautious and wise, and is careful in his actions when alone. He doesn't believe that he could do evil that others couldn't see, for if he were seen doing evil, he would have regrets.

The gods see every move a man makes, as if ten eyes were watching and ten hands pointing at him. He should always do his best, for it is clear that one reaps what he sows. Make not the slightest error. Lust is the beginning of all kinds of evils. Filial piety is the origin of all good deeds. Those who go against what is right must have regrets. They do not say out loud "This benefits me only." yet secretly they do only what benefits themselves.

Those who do what is right have no regrets. They do not say out loud "This is to help others." and then neglect to do what benefits others.

If you would follow my teachings, then try to carry my sword
This is my sword : *Respect Heaven and Earth *Sacrifice to the gods *Respect your elders *Be filial to your parents *Obey the law *Listen to your teachers *Love your brothers *Be honest with your friends *Put the souls of your ancestors at peace *Be kind to your neighbors *Understand the proper relations between husband and wife *Educate your children and grandchildren *Always be willing to lend money *Amass merit through anonymous good deeds  *Help those in difficulty *Have pity on the orphaned and the poor *Repair temples *Print religious books  *Donate medicines *Do not kill  *Release captive animals *Repair bridges and roads *Help widows in distress *Be frugal, relieve other's difficulties *Do what is worthy and beautiful *Teach others what is good *Dispel injustice *Use honest weights and measures *Make friends with the virtuous *Avoid the wicked *Fight evil *Uphold good *Help the people *Make your heart *Follow the proper path *Make yourself anew *Fill yourself with kindness *Have no evil thoughts *Do good works *Have a honest heart.

Although other men may not see you do these things, the gods will quickly hear of it. They will increase YOUR WEALTH, add years to your life, help your children and grandchildren, stop misfortune and disease, and prevent you from suffering disasters. Your life will be peaceful and lucky stars will shine on you.

If Your Heart Is Full of Evil ...
However, if your heart is full of evil and you do not do good things, lust after other people's wives and daughters, break up their marriages, destroy their purity, ruin their skills, scheme for their wealth, instigate lawsuits, harm others in order to benefit yourself, rail against Heaven and Earth, slander the wise and virtuous, destroy statues of the gods, cheat the gods, wantonly kill living things, destroy good books, rely on force, slander the good, use wealth to oppress the poor, separate people from their relatives and brother from brother, not believe in the true path, lust, steal, go whoring, swindle others, act extravagantly, waste grain, are ungrateful, go against your conscience, use crooked weights and measures, set up false teachings, lead on the simpleminded, falsely say that someone has died, extort goods, cheat others, talk obliquely, curse people in broad daylight, scheme to hurt others behind their backs, not follow Heaven's way, not make others happy, refuse to believe in karma, entice others to do evil, and do not even a bit of good yourself ..

Those who do such things will have reason to regret it. They will suffer fire, flood, and bandits. They will suffer plague, give birth to idiots, be destroyed themselves, and have their family line extinguished. Their sons will become thieves and their daughters whores. Retribution will fall upon them, their sons, and their grandsons. The gods see everything and don't miss things even as tiny as a hair. Good and evil are two paths. Disaster and fortune are separate things.

If you do good, you will have good fortune; if you do evil you will suffer misfortune.

I tell you this to encourage you to act. Although my words are simple they are of great benefit. Those who make fun of my words will be destroyed.

If you recite this prayer, evil will vanish and joy abound. Pray for a son and you will be given a son. Pray for a long life and you will have one. Wealth, rank, accomplishment, and fame can all be obtained. Whatever you pray for you will receive. Disasters will melt like snow and blessings gather like clouds.

If you wish to obtain these blessings, they can only be obtained by doing good. I am hiding nothing from you. I only answer the prayers of good men. Accumulate merit and do good deeds. Do not delay and lose your will to do good."

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